Our HSE Culture

High standards of safety in the workplace are achieved when well-designed equipment is operated properly by well-managed and well-trained persons.

Indonesia Project Logistics fully places the highest priority on Safety and Environmental Protection. All company personnel, onshore and offshore are fully committed to safe working practices to ensure no accidents or incidents or hazards to the environment.

Indonesia Project Logistics has Health, Safety and Environmental Protection policy signed by our top management to ensure that this committed to Safety and Environmental Protection is followed closely by all personnel.

The company also must always be, to ensure that operating our jobs are fulfilling their obligations with regard to safety in onshore and offshore operations. Here, our Board Safety Officers will monitor all activities related to projects and job execution and will make regular visits to project site.

Where a Safety Officer identifies any procedure or item of equipment that does not conform to the legislation or agreed safety standards, the operator or our subcontractor will be required to rectify the non-conformance.

All occupational injuries and near-miss incidents, as defined by the regulations, are required to be reported and investigated to the satisfaction of a Safety Officer. To ensure this, all staff and crew are strongly encouraged to become actively involved in identifying possible hazards, implementing correction action and maintaining a safe work environment.

PT. Indonesia Project Logistics will send the crew for regular safety training and always to active Safety & Hazard Awareness Response Program. All are encouraged to identify safe and unsafe practices and circumstances through the use of SHARP cards.

All the cards received will be reviewed by the masters and safety officers. Three premium commendations and incentives will be given by management every month as evidence of the commitment of management to safety and quality.

We are committed to lifelong learning. Frequent exercises and drills are conducted onboard the barges and often in coordination with client’s personnel and onsite management.

All crew have undergone training in sea survival, first aid, fire fighting and helicopter underwater escape training.

Systems and procedures are in placed in the barge/ship for a safe working and living environment. Permits to work, safety handbook and good hygiene practices are adopted to ensure a high standard of safety and hygiene.

You will find this emphasis on high safety awareness and environmental protection will continue to be a key factor of the company’s culture and all crew at PT. Indonesia Project Logistics.